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Welcome to TTS s.r.o.

It is our great pleasure to introduce our company, TTS Ltd., and its wide range of innovative vacuum Thin-film Technology Services to you. TTS was founded as a completely private company in November of 1992. TTS has its roots in the previous Vacuum Laboratories and Microelectronic Division of the former TESLA - VUST Research Institute of Radio Communications in Prague.

TTS is a company with long experience in development and deposition of thin film sputtered layers , in circuit design and thin film layers applications in hybrid IC's, HCMOS IC's, sensors, and precise resistive networks technologies. Some of present members of TTS have been involved in thin film layer research since 1962. As a fully private and independent company, TTS is now the most experienced thin film deposition firm in Czech Republic and presently offers a wider variety of sputtered layers then any other Czech company.

TTS gives attention to research and development of new technologies , layers and multilayers because TTS  considers priority  of R&D activities to firm development. TTS thus maintains effective cooperation with other companies, research institutions and universities.

Our company, TTS, stands ready to solve your most complicated problems of thin film layers development and production.



The Czech technological CubeSat VZLUSAT-1 was launched into space on June 23, 2017 with products of TTS company on its board. :

  • HAL2 volatiles sensors for outgassing detection
  • Surface thin films on composite panels
  • Contantc thin films on CdTe radiation detector

TTS s.r.o.

Novodvorska 994

142 21 Praha 4

Czech republic